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 My 1st interview

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PostSubject: My 1st interview   Thu Sep 06, 2007 6:14 pm

Q. Why did u leave Washington to go to Seattle did you see somthing in the Seattle players you liked..or was it somthing else?

A. Seattle is my favorite team in the NFL, but i decided to try somebody else for a change. So i went to the redskins. I decided to leave though because i am a Run type of man and i could not easily accomplish that in Washington

Q.I see you haven't made a trade yet since you joined the C Hawks, is it becuase you are happy with the core of players you currently have or is it just that the right deal hasnt come along?

A. Right now i am just deciding on how certain trades will affect my team. Like do i want to trade a WR to get a better DE or a CB? And so on

Q.What players on the C Hawks are u most excited to see play in the pre season, will u be looking for rookies to take the role of a starter in the NFL?

A.On my team i am looking for M. Morris putting up some numbers. And DJ Hackett, I believe he can become a very productive WR in a couple of years.

Q.What team do u think most improved so far with all the trades going on?

A.No one really, Teams have chosen to drop at D to gain O. But i would have to say the Cards since they have done so many.

Q.WIll u trade me peterson for a 7th rounder?

A.Of course Very Happy

There it is my first interview with Max1 GM of Seattle Sea Hawks, PM me if you want to be interviewed


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My 1st interview
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