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 Interview with cav_fan2

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PostSubject: Interview with cav_fan2   Interview with cav_fan2 Icon_minitimeWed Sep 05, 2007 10:38 pm

Q: How do you feel about this league? Is it in good hands? What needs to improve?

A: This is one of the better run league's I have been a part of...So far everything is running great! The only thing I would change would be the # of owners we currently have!!

Q: You have made several trades within the last couple days, are the trades bettering your team or are you just trying to rebuild and get younger?

A: I am definitely trying to better my team, but at the same time keep it relatively young...I was top heavy at certain positions, but I think the trading I have done lately has evened my team out and made it better overall!!

Q: Why did you decide to take a sucky team (Dallas Cowboys)

A: Sorry, I don't answer ignorant questions...NEXT!!

Q: Whos team will have the best defence? Offense? Special Teams?

A: Thats tough to say so far...I think the Ravens are definitely tough on D, but I think I have/am improving alot in that category...On offense, I think its still a toss up between the Colts and the Chargers...with the addition of T.O., I think the Chargers have a slight advantage overall

Q: Do you believe your team is playoff caliber or do you need to do a little work?

A: No question! Right now I have to be one of the favorites to win the NFC...The Saints, the Bears and the Seahawks are all tough teams as well...but we'll just have to see as the season progresses!

So there ya go, my 1st interview. Ill be interviewing a lot more people so pm me if you want one or Ill just get to you later.

Interview with cav_fan2 Alba

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Interview with cav_fan2
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