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 Interview with the Cards GM

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PostSubject: Interview with the Cards GM   Interview with the Cards GM Icon_minitimeSat Sep 08, 2007 11:31 pm

Q At what POS do you feel you most improved at with all the trading you been doing?

A.I really believe that I've improved my offensive linemen. I've aquired two very good linemen and that was my first intention when becoming the Arizona GM.

Q. Do you think you will be more COMFORTABLE

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Q. do you feel more comfortable running and passing the ball now will you improving alot at ur Oline?

A.I feel a lot more comfortable running the ball because my O-Line is now above the 80 overall rating mark. Passing the ball I never had a worry about, Larry Fitzgerald is a catching manic with play-making skills, he will be my offensve leader this year, with or without linemen.

Q. Are you going to be looking for rookies this pre- season to step in and take the role as an NFL Starter?

A.Yes and no, I would like to play them, but I'm very paranoid that they can get hurt, and am afraid to take that chance. I will most likely start only Levi Brown and Alan Branch due to Levi is young and is a great linemen for my system, and Alan Branch beacuse of what his value will be.

QDoyou think this year the Cardinals have a chance of a wildcard spot?

A. Of course, every team has a chance. I'm really aiming at divisonal championship this year but I am a little ways to getting that.

Q. Why did you choose to take the Arizona Cardinals?

A. I took the Cardinals because Patstown took my Vikes which I am not very happy about until this day. I also picked the Cardinals because of the needs they had and the tradable parts.

QWhat team are you most feared of this season, and dont really want to be on the same field with?

A. Probably the St. Louis Rams, they have a exelent GM who knows what he is doing. They have two amazing WRs, a awesome QB, and a incredible RB. I'd really like to see them succeed, until they face me. >

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Interview with the Cards GM
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